For your Pleasure and doll maintenance, ALWAYS use water based lubricants!

Mild or antibacterial soap can be used to clean your doll and keep it sanitized. Shower gel and shampoo are a good option. Use a soft sponge or towel and wipe gently. Avoid wetting the eyelashes. After your doll is dried, apply talcum/baby powder.

Do not leave clothes on the doll for long periods as clothes with low quality dyes can stain the skin. We recommend cleaning the doll once a month if not used for long time.

Important: Do not leave the doll in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, UV will reduce the lifespan of the TPE. Do not position the doll in stretched pose over a long period of time, it might result in deformation. For storage, you may use the boxes the doll was shipped in.

All of our dolls are made out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), which has the highest tear resistance and allows our dolls to be super flexible.

If you wish to warm up your doll, use a hot bath or heating blanket.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 1

Remove excess lubricant & body fluids.

Step 2

Antibacterial soap or shower gel.

Step 3

Gently wipe with soft sponge.

Step 4

Dry with soft towel, apply talcum.



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