Silicone Sex Dolls are outdated, long live the TPE Sex Dolls!

TPE, which stands for Thermoplastic Elastomers, is a cross link between rubber and plastic. Considered to be one of the most flexible materials on the market, it combines the elasticity of rubber with the recyclability and processing advantages of plastics.
At room temperature, it can stretch to at least twice its original length. And when stress is released, it takes back its original shape and length. This feature guarantees a longer life cycle than its counterparts.

In addition, it’s hypoallergenic (unlike to cause allergies), it’s inodorous, it has a smoother and softer texture, it can retain warmth, it’s slip resistant, shock absorption and gives the dolls a realistic and lifelike appearance.

Silicone rubber is a synthetic polymer that is heat resistant and can either be soft or very firm which helps retaining its original shape under extreme pressure.
Furthermore, it is also hypoallergenic, can retain warmth and has a realistic texture, which gives the dolls a lifelike appearance.
Even though silicone is a higher quality material, it is considered more rigid, less durable and more expensive than TPE.

Here you won’t get any I’ll get back to you. Our multilingual team is available around the clock to help you find what you are looking for. Heck, that’s our added value, having offices in China (and USA and Europe) allows us to closely work together with a renowned TPE doll manufacturer. We can therefore guarantee that you will get what you ordered delivered at your doorstep.

Our dolls are the highest quality Sex Dolls on the market, and we will assist you every step of the way, one-on one, to ensure your love companion is crafted to perfection.

Discrete shipping and billing; shipping documents will not mention our company name or other sensitive information. The package will be declared as toy to customs. And billing will happen through our sister company.
If you don’t want the doll to be delivered at your doorstep, we can arrange for you to pick it up at your local express forwarder’s office (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.)

Why people like Realistic Sex Doll ?

Sex dolls have come a long way since the past. They are widely being used by men who live in every corner of the world for a variety of purposes. But before you go ahead and purchase a sex doll, it is important to have a basic understanding on who they are and what you will be able to expect from them: A potential perfect partner who will make you happy and fill a gaping void in your life that is often so difficult to fill in the technological age.


Sex dolls are considered to be a perfect alternative to women or men. Our dolls have helped a lot of our customers to overcome life changing and drastic (sometimes tragic) events. Our dolls are the perfect sexual life partner you are looking for. On the other hand, if you’re looking to spice up the bedroom activities and a threesome has always been one of your biggest fantasies, you now have a shot at it.

One of the best things about our dolls is that they are born as virgins. They will remain virgins until the moment they get delivered at your doorstep.

Our Team​

Presentation of the experts of our team

Matt V.
Founder, Sex-Dolls.Shop

Hi! I’m Matt.

I’m a European expat based out of Shanghai since 2008. 2008, WOW! Has it been 13 years already? Time definitely flies! After developing a huge passion for sex dolls, I decided to help those individuals seeking the perfect life partner/ soul mate. It has become my primary goal.

But enough about me, we are here to help you! Please reach out to us. Our company policy: “Stop Selling, Start Helping!”

David R.
Founder, Sex-Dolls.Shop

You can call me David.

I’m into Fetish, Swing and BDSM, Chastity Play and some other nice kinky stuff for a while now. As Woody Allen once said: If it’s not a little dirty, it’s not good sex!

Since I’ve always liked trying new things, when I saw these new breath-taking lifelike Dolls, I asked my wife’s approval to fuck one of them. She answered: You can Honey, but only if I get to watch you do it. And don’t you dare cum without my permission!


Lady J.
Dominatrix, Sex-Dolls.Shop

For you it will be Miss J. or Milady J.

Don’t you dare forgetting it. I’m a dominant born woman and I like the idea of having my slaves worship a Doll of myself.

I’m in charge (of course, who else would be) of selecting the upcoming doll models. I want to make sure you end up with the doll of your dreams, whichever it is.

Sex toys have existed for a long while now. And with the immense breakthrough in artificial intelligence, it’s only a matter of time before all our TPE dolls get upgraded with the latest new tech and become the sex robots of the future. Stay tuned!

So, whether you prefer blonde, brunette, redhead, milf or teen, find the doll of your dreams, and make your fantasies come true.

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